“For next Spring-Summer, the Larusmiani woman is a “gypsetter”, an explorer of the unconventional, self-confident
and aware of her sophisticated, bohemian charm” says the designer Alice Etro, inspired by the pages of Julia Chaplin’s
book Gypset Travel, which cleverly combines the “gypsy” spirit with jet set class.
Informal and refined, the Larusmiani’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection embodies and experiments the eclecticism of
cultures and journeys: fabrics, colours and patterns combined in an exotic but sought-after collection, which borrows
elements from the men’s line and cloaks them with unprecedented femininity, which owes its charm to timeless
elegance, such as the necktie jacquard silk used for jackets and trousers.
Among scents and aromas of spices and mint tea, the woman fleetingly encounters the Larusmiani man, playing
gracefully with her multi-form femininity, confidently wearing a button-down shirt with a coated silk bomber under a
double-breasted jacket.
Rigour and measure make way for the movement of ultra-light dresses and caftans that flaunt elegance with a folk
touch, such as the “flower-sport” pattern in vibrant colors, alongside the pastel shades of watercolor floral prints,
delicately “painted” on layers of sheer silk, that create a magical, floaty, boho-chic allure.
The charm of a woman who loves travelling and expresses herself with a surprising and never excessive panache,
skilfully pairing the finest fabrics – silk and linen, sometimes in blends, embellished with multi-color lace that
embroiders brilliantly colored crop tops and trenches.
An absolute essential is the “dress-top”, an original, versatile piece with a plunging neckline, to wear with wide pants
or a long skirt and woven leather riding boots, attesting to a freely Gypset style.
The Larusmiani woman for next Spring-Summer tells us of international artists, designers and bon vivants who forge
their creative identities by capturing cultural diversities and fusing fashion and art.
Larusmiani, founded in 1922 on the talent of Guglielmo Miani, is nowadays the oldest luxury clothing and tailoring Brand on
Via MonteNapoleone, the heart of Milan’s fashion district and emblem of Italian style. The Concept boutique, opened in 1954
and totally revamped in 2010 by the famous English architect David Collins, is nothing less than a showcase for the constant
pursuit of the right balance between the classical and the contemporary, where the finest quality materials encounter expert
craftsmanship. Its international clientele can count on the experience of 90 years of history that lives on through the 40 master
tailors who contribute to the growth of the brand by making Larusmiani clothes veritable style icons.
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