Made to Measure

Made to Measure
No two people are the same and your clothing doesn’t need to be either.

The Rubaiyat made to measure service brings you and exquisite experience allowing you to create your perfect suit by customizing sizes and designs from the world’s greatest brands

Provided by Rubaiyat professionals through our array of flagship stores, we ensure offering our customers a truly unique service with the highest levels of tailoring expertise.

Simply purchase the item you want to wear and we’ll measure it and mend it to suit your exact proportions. Whether it’s a suit, pants or shirt, there’s no item that can’t be made to measure*.

Our Brand tailors spare no effort to satisfy our clientele ensuring your Made to Measure experience meets an international standard making sure that any piece within our luxury stores will find a home within your private collection of clothing.

So the next time you’re shopping enquire about the Rubaiyat made to measure service.

* Terms and conditions apply.